Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Traveling in Style: No More Sweatpants!

I hear stories every once in a while from my father and grandfather about the long lost days of airplane travel, rolling off their tongue as if it was a myth passed down through generations of travelling businessmen. Gone are the comfortable seats, friendly staff and free food. Now we are packed like sardines into a tin can and forced to pay $5 for a pack of peanuts after begging for a pillow. Sure, the airlines are to blame for part of this decline in luxury but I believe travelers need to accept some responsibility as well. How many people do you see wander onto a plane in sweats or, dear God, pajamas? Does anyone honestly expect to be treated well if you can't even manage to pull on a pair of clean jeans?  I've seen my fair share of this and I think it's time to take note of how to fly in style. And yes, you can be comfortable doing so.

Take your Jacket for a Ride
If you're traveling with your suit, pack up your pants so you can keep the crease but don't throw your jacket in that suitcase to get wrinkled. Wear it with you to the airport, you can take it off when you get on the plane to have hung up and it will still be fresh by the time you land. Pair it up with some jeans and a polo or oxford and you'll have plenty of comfort and style, even if you're heading overseas.

Suit Jacket with Jeans and Shirt | GQ.com
Layer Up
When traveling for pleasure, or if you simply don't pack a suit for whatever reason, the v-neck sweater is your best friend. Not only can you find one in any thickness from nearly paper-thin to braving-an-arctic-storm thick, a v-neck sweater looks great on almost everyone. If the plane gets too muggy, peel it off and toss it in the overhead.

J.Crew Cotton-cashmere V-neck sweater
Lose the Laces
No one enjoys getting caught in airport security, I seem to be notorious at it though. I've learned through many instances of having to get scanned and questioned that it's best to be able to slip those shoes on and off with ease. Believe me, your beautiful lace-ups will slow you down. Slip on a pair of loafers when you head out and you don't have to find a spot to sit or bend over to re-tie your shoes after getting questioned over a bottle of mouthwash.  Driving shoes are a great choice if you'd like something a little less formal.
G Brown 'Tobago' Driving Shoe

I think we all understand the pains of airline travel, however it's no excuse to dress like a slob. Maybe if we all took a moment to look a little better when we hit the skies we would get a little better treatment. Probably not, but a man can dream right?

Thanks for reading. As always, be dapper.


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