Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Pick a Cologne: What Scent is Right for You? - Part 2

Yesterday I talked about three cologne notes you need to know in order to pick out your next favorite scent. Today I'll finish with the other three you need to know and give a few recommendations on colognes in those notes as well. One thing I want to stress before we begin today is that when you go to pick out a cologne, don't judge a scent by the first smell. Get a few samples sprayed onto the paper pieces they have at the counter, smell them and then walk around for a few minutes. Give the scents a chance to air out and then try them again, you might be shocked at how much the scent changes in that short amount of time. Also, always use the sample pieces, don't let them spray the cologne on you. By the time you're done you'll be bathing in cologne and really won't be able to discern which scent you enjoy most.

While I wouldn't recommend something that screams "roses" or "jasmine", there are some good floral scents out there.  Most of them really are closer to a fresh scent, but I think it's worth putting floral as its own category because most men will run at the mention of any flower in their cologne.  Bottom line: cologne is marketed to men so we will feel better about spraying scented water onto ourselves.  It's all perfume, so go with what smells good.
D&G '18 La Lune' Eau de Toilette
I don't believe in cologne that have supposed pheromones in them, but if there is anything close to it I would say that gourmand scents are it.  With notes of chocolate, coffee, wine and others, the gourmand scents are a great way to have a familiar scent to your cologne that draws a woman in.  There is a lot of variety here too, so expect many wildly different notes to hit your nose.
Ralph Lauren 'Polo Black' Eau de Toilette Spray
These are what I would classify as traditionally masculine scents, not necessarily musky but they can be.  Aromatic scents can be tricky because it is easy to underestimate how powerful they can be, making it tempting to over-apply and end up stinking like a skunk.  Just keep it light and you'll be impressed with how long lasting an aromatic cologne can be.
BVLGARI pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray

Thanks for reading.  As always, be dapper.


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