Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knot Up! Necktie Fabrics & Which One You Should Own

After writing yesterday's article on How to Tie a Tie I promised that I would talk more about neckties, so here is another edition of Knot Up! on the Be Dapper Blog.  Today I'd like to talk about necktie fabrics.  While the silk tie is obviously a long time standard, going beyond the standard silk tie is a sophisticated way to show off your individuality and set your style a notch higher.

Necktie Fabrics

Silk ties

The undisputed standard for men's neckties, the silk necktie has drapes perfectly, has vivid color and reflects natural light well which can create a 3D-like effect. Silk can wrinkle easily however, so it is recommended that you roll your silk ties (as pictured below) rather than hanging them to avoid any permanent creases. Also, if you dirty a silk tie they can be extremely difficult to clean and will usually never look the same after being dry cleaned.

Wool Ties

The wool tie is a less formal tie but is very versatile and can still be used in most situations, save for a black tie event.  Wool gives a very rustic, natural look to your style and is a great look for winter.  I tend to enjoy the look of a wool tie year round but it looks especially sophisticated during those cold months.  These wool tie styles below are all great looks for any stylish man.

Knit Ties

The knit tie has made a comeback lately and is being seen everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Polo.  Knit ties are certainly a less formal tie than silk or even wool, so if you work in an uber-professional work place I don't think it's a great choice for every day, but for those of us who work in a more casual environment this is a style that will turn heads and have people asking you where you got your tie.  Below you can see two examples of how you can use a knit tie for both casual and professional looks.

Polyester Ties

Polyester ties are often a cheap or inexpensive tie that have many of the same benefits of silk, such as the reflection of natural light.  Be wary however, polyester does not look great and is not a fabric I would ever take to any professional office.  Next time you see one while you are out shopping, tie one on and see what I mean.  That said, they can be a hip look for casual events and are easy to pair up with a vest.  Keep the tie slim or skinny though, a wide polyester tie with jeans will just make you look like a stand in from a bad 80's movie.  Polyester retains stains and especially smells very easily, so if you end up sweating profusely while wearing one you can count on your stink sticking to that tie forever.  Below are some cheap skinny polyester ties that you can pick up from Forever 21.

Though there are some other fabrics that ties can be made from such as cashmere or satin (not technically a fabric but a weave style) I think these 4 are the standards that you should take notice of when you are shopping for your next tie.  Always look at the fabric labels to ensure that you are getting what you pay for and that the fabric will match the use you plan for it.

Thanks for reading.  As always, be dapper.


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